I'm Lisa Golden Schroeder, a long-time professional food stylist for commercial photography and a culinary consultant. I've worked as a food editor, recipe developer, cooking teacher, and culinary journalist--strategically tracking what home cooks need (and want) to know. I consider myself a cheerleader, drumming up enthusiasm for real cooking and real food, helping make what can be a daily chore into, if nothing else, a respite from the craziness of everyday life.

My Story

I'm the kid that couldn't stop stirring any pot that sat on the stove top. The one who badgered an already harried mom, pressed with money worries, for stuff at the grocery store that wasn't on the list. The one who baked brownies, gingerbread, or anything that her dad would happily eat--even the disasters. The kid who eventually won a ribbon at the county fair for her loaves of "perfect" bread. And eventually the frustrated chemistry student who couldn't decide what to do with her life, despite catering little cocktail parties for her parent's friends and driving her mom nuts (and out of her kitchen) every time she had a gig. That same mom set her on a better course ("...go see what's happening in the home ec department") & eventually to Minneapolis (once a Betty Crocker, always a Betty Crocker) and Paris, France. Leading to a lunch with Julia (yes, that Julia), which is another story for another page.

EXPLORING...to read beyond these borders, leap over to 2fish1dish.com, where I partner with photographer Dennis Becker to learn about stuff that interests us. How to keep bees, make maple syrup, or forage for wild foods that won't kill us, we like to think there are fascinating stories in just about anybody's backyard.

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